The Different Types of Baccarat Games

The game of baccarat is so popular worldwide that undoubtedly many variation types were made from this card game. Baccarat as we all know has the main objective of winning a hand that is 9 or a card value that is closest to 9. However, the components of baccarat differs from its types such as ; how many players are in the table, the size and layout of the table, how many decks, who acts as a banker and who is in charge of the shoe, who is in-charge of the game ( the financier), presence of a cap on the total players' bets in a round, the rules for drawing, and the manner of odds and payouts.

The mini baccarat One of the types of baccarat that is so popular in the U.S. is the mini baccarat, which is almost similar to American baccarat. This type of baccarat has a smaller table than the American version of baccarat table. Having a smaller size, it can only be played with a maximum of seven players. A single croupier is in charge of the table managing all the activities that are happening on the table, unlike in any other baccarat where there are about three crews. In mini baccarat, the croupier is in charge of the shoe most of the time, and also becomes a banker in all kinds of hand.

Mini baccarat however is short of the exclusive features of other types and there is less challenging characteristic. This is one of the type of baccarat that is so handy to players as the minimum bet normally starts at $5, and the dress code is casual.

The European Baccarat This is one of the elite types of baccarat that is commonly played in most of the casinos in Europe.. In this type of baccarat, the banker determines the cap in the game and he is the financier of the game. Illustrating this, if a player bets $1000 and the second player bets with another $500, then no more bets shall be made for that hand. A player who may wish to wager the whole cap can announce "banco" . Usually caps are pretty smaller as compared to the type being financed by the house.

Chemin de fer Chemen de fer is a French word meaning "railroad" This French type of baccarat is the national baccarat treasure of France. This is being played in some casinos all over Europe, except in North America. This type of baccarat can be played with a minimum of two players. Unique about this kind of baccarat is that the casino does not run the game. One can be a banker, a player, or an expectator wagering at every hand. The banker deals on two hands, and players play against each other so as to be bale to play the player's hand. In this type of baccarat, there is more flexibility with the hit and stand rule, which is different from the American version.

These are some of the variations of baccarat that differs from one another. Though they have different rules and manner of playing, still the excitement is there.