Specifics of Baccarat Betting

After getting over any initial shock after learning that baccarat has an image of prestige and glamor, you'll find the game quite enjoyable. A great alternative to playing live baccarat on a roped off area in a casino is to play the game online. You'll find that playing baccarat on the net, in some ways, is a lot cheaper. Betting in online baccarat will still be the same so it pays to check your options.

If ever you feel like you want to try the game, playing baccarat online is a great alternative to get a feel of the game action. If you choose to play baccarat on the Internet, you will notice that betting is still the same. You still have the same options and the same odds.

Here are a few specific items about baccarat betting that you should be aware of. These same rules on baccarat betting apply whether you play the game in a brick and mortar casino or online sitting from your favorite chair or recliner.

Like any other card game in any casino, baccarat tables will have table limits. One limit that you should mostly be aware of is the table minimum. You will usually be betting at the table minimum. But if you have the means, you can bet anywhere from a baccarat table's minimum to the maximum amount of allowable wagers.

You will find the betting options on the table layout, which are banker hand, one for the player hand, and a spot for getting a tie between the two hands. If you play baccarat live at a table betting will require you to place your chips on the spot for your desired wager. If you play online then just click on the wager your would like to make specifying the amount of chips you would like to wager.

The more favorable betting options in baccarat will either be on the banker hand or on the player hand. If the player hand wins you get paid even money. The good news is that the house advantage for this betting option is very low, 1.29%.

The banker hand is another great betting option in baccarat. You also get paid even money when betting on this hand and this will have a lower house edge than the player hand at 1.01%. However, casinos charge a five percent vig or commission on this betting option. Nevertheless, the banker hand is still a great wager to make in baccarat.

We do not recommend making a lot of wagers on getting a tie in baccarat. The house advantage for this betting option in the game is a high 15.75%, which isn't really favorable. The only incentive for this wager is that it pays eight to one without any commission charged whatsoever.

These are specific items on baccarat betting that you should know. The same rules apply whether you play baccarat live at a casino table or online at home.