Baccarat's Fascinating History

In Italy, the meaning of the word "baccarat" is zero. Other languages also claim the same such as French and English. Similar to other gambling game, baccarat has an unclear cut of where it really originated. For one, there is a tale of Felix Falguierein during the middle age who invented another game of luck. The basis of baccarat, in these terms, was from a legend of Etruscans about nine gods spotting a beautiful woman. This virgin woman was about to throw a die having nine sides. Why did she throw a die? It was a way of determining her journey as a priestess, an outcast, or a traveler to the seas. If the die has sum of more than eight, she would continue as a priestess. However, if the die rolled to be less than seven, she becomes an outcast and if less than six, she will travel the seas.

Although the legend seems exciting, a clearer depiction of baccarat history was in 1500 at France. Prior to its popularity today, baccarat was only for the nobles in France. This has sustained its reputation for many years. As told by historians, the origins of baccarat instill an old game of chance. Through centuries, baccarat has traveled in many continents fulfilling its destiny to be one of the most popular casino games. History has curved each of its strategies we now use today.

Yes, the confirmation of baccarat's popularity is immense and gratifying. Some contemporary writings have illustrated it as France's "Chemin de Fer." Later its fame grew and arrived in England, where many gamblers accepted its exciting method. From this point, baccarat enveloped modifications and traveled to South America.

Baccarat's history probably attributes its present fame to Tommy Renzoni. He introduced this game in the United States, which later became another Nevada favorite. In 20th century, "Chemin de Fer" and modern Baccarat fused to form the new Baccarat. This was first played in Dunes Casino, Las Vegas. Since then, changes have been applied to baccarat; nonetheless, the game maintained its sobriety and elegance. Still, it was the nobility game comprised of celebrities, socialites, and aristocrats of the society.

Baccarat history does not stop there. The game added fame to itself through an invention of "mini baccarat." This was designed for players who wanted to engage themselves with the game only with average funds. Rules applied to mini baccarat is similar to baccarat but with lower table restrictions. This made baccarat more accessible and fun to play.